miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2012


Star Wars Darth Vader Face Briefs
There’s nothing like having the power of The Dark Side in your pants. Let Darth Vader make all the tough decisions for you with the Star Wars Darth Vader Face Briefs. Made from 100% cotton, these black briefs place the Sith Lord’s likeness in the ultimate position of power.
The Vader briefs feature a functioning fly area and an elastic waistband with raised Star Wars logos. This may answer the age old question, did Darth Vader wear briefs or boxers? If you think the Star Wars Darth Vader Face Briefs are a little more than you are ready to handle, you could always opt for the Superman Briefs or JLA Briefs.
Embrace the Dark Side and purchase your Star Wars Darth Vader Face Briefs at Superherostuff.com for $15.99.

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