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Star Wars GPS Voices: Yoda on Garmin – Seriously

We all know that there are some wacky gadgets out there that may turn your eye, but how about this. Garmin GPS units now have a new voice in the way of the Jedi Master Yoda, from the Star Wars series. http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/

From phrases such as “Right you should turn, then sharp left…control, control, if a Jedi, you wish to be,” Yoda will use the force to show you the way to go on your journeys throughout the galaxy far far and away. Yoda will also sometimes pair dialogue with that of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the classic Star Wars films too.

LucasFilms and Locutio Voice Technologies announced the addition today, which also includes a voice set from Darth Vader. Both will cost $12.95 and this will entitle you to purely randomised voiced phrases from both characters depending on which one you decide to purchase, meaning that not every-one journey will be the same.

Obviously, you can choose if you wish to be guided by the good or dark side of the force, although we recommend keeping your hands on the wheel whilst driving as the Garmin GPS voice packs do not come with hands-free driving skills too.

So how do you get the opportunity to be guided by the force? Well, you can get the Yoda or Darth Vader Garmiin GPS voice packs from Spot It Out’s GPS App Shop via Garmin.com, and in Best Buy stores across the US in the form of pre-paid gift cards says George Filley, Founder and General Partner at Spot It Out.

If you think that the voices are all you get, you can also relive parts of the magic of Star Wars with included TIE fighter and lightsaber sound effects, aswell as the unforgettable Imperial March music that is iconic in every Star Wars epic.

If you are interested in the Star Wars Garmin GPS collection, you can check out a sample of Yoda’s GPS navigation techniques via the YouTube video below. Also remember to check the official Garmin website or SpotItOut website for more information.

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sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic PC


Electronic Arts ha desvelado el contenido de las tres ediciones de Star Wars: The Old Republic que se lanzarán para PC próximamente. Estas tres ediciones, Collector’s Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition y Standard Edition, ya pueden reservarse en su versión digital desde Origin, la nueva plataforma de EA. Por la reserva se entrega un código que desbloquea acceso adelantado al videojuego, así como una piedra de color que permitirá cambiar el efecto de nuestra arma.

Con respecto a las ediciones, primero encontramos la Standard Edition, ya disponible en tiendas y online con un precio de 54.95 euros. Ofrece 30 días de juego gratis. Es la versión más económica y sencilla.

En la Digital Deluxe Edition encontramos cinco elementos descargables (una Flare Gun, Training Droid, personal HoloDancer, HoloCam y el STAP vehicle) por un precio de 74.95 euros. También ofrece 30 días de juego gratis.

Por último tenemos la Collector’s Edition que, como ya dijimos en su día, ofrece: una estatua de Darth Malgus, el diario de Gnost Dural, la banda sonora, una llave de seguridad y un mapa de la galaxia de Star Wars. También tendremos los objetos descargables de la edición anterior y acceso a una tienda con objetos exclusivos. Su precio será de 149.95 euros.

El título, por cierto, estará en inglés.

miércoles, 17 de agosto de 2011

Star Wars costume maker strikes back against Lucasfilm movie empire, Lucas lost this battle

    George Lucas, Star Wars stormtrooper helmets
    Star Wars' imperial stormtrooper helmets, while iconic, are not 'sculpture', a court has ruled. Photograph: Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

    Star Wars may have been a cinematic blockbuster, but its costumes were never high art – a view now confirmed by the supreme court, which has ruled that an imperial stormtrooper's helmet from the movie is not a piece of "sculpture".

    The decision opens the way for Andrew Ainsworth, an English prop designer, to carry on selling outfits for up to £1,800 each to customers in Britain but it exposes him – and other UK manufacturers – for the first time to claims of infringement of foreign copyrights in British courts.

    Not being a work of art means that any enforceable UK design right in the helmets expired after 15 years.

    Ainsworth, who helped make outfits for the first movie in 1977, welcomed the ruling that the headgear was not a sculpture and that he could therefore carry on selling them to domestic customers. He said: "I am delighted to have won the right to continue to make these replicas from the original tools and moulds. I am proud to report that in the English legal system David can prevail against Goliath if his cause is right. If there is a force, then it has been with me these past five years."

    Lucasfilm, the American producers, have been trying to prevent him selling replica helmets from his studio in Twickenham, south-west London. A California court has already ruled in favour of the director, George Lucas, who was awarded £10m in damages.

    In its judgment, the supreme court wrestled with movie history. "The Star Wars films are set in an imaginary science fiction world," the judgment noted.

    The supreme court judges concluded: "It was the Star Wars film that was the work of art that Mr Lucas and his companies created. The helmet was utilitarian in the sense that it was an element in the process of production of the film."

    The ruling that infringements of foreign copyrights can be pursued through British courts, may, however, eventually prove far more significant for future commercial and intellectual property rights cases.

    It will have little personal affect on Ainsworth since relatively few helmets had been sold to US customers.

    His lawyer, Seamus Andrew, acknowledged that there "will now have to be an assessment of the damages arising from this" but did not anticipate they would be very much.

    In its judgment, the supreme court said there was "no reason for the English courts refusing to take jurisdiction over an English defendant in a claim for breach of foreign copyright".

    The implications of this decision are likely to be felt in the film and TV industries and far beyond, according to Danielle Amor, a copyright lawyer at the firm Hogan Lovells.

    "As a result of this judgment, the UK may well be a more tempting place to take legal action," she said.

    "It will now be possible to sue in the UK for infringement of copyright and other unregistered rights which occurred in a number of different countries provided the defendant is resident in the UK.

    "The more interesting part of the decision is the acceptance of jurisdiction over foreign copyright infringement claims.

    "This is a welcome clarification of the extent of the court's jurisdiction and the reasoning could well be applied to other claims relating to foreign unregistered intellectual property rights."

    Lucasfilm welcomed the supreme court decision that Ainsworth's replicas infringed the company's US copyrights and that those rights are enforceable in the UK with respect to activities outside of the UK.

    "This is the first time the supreme court has ruled on an issue of great commercial and legal importance, namely the jurisdiction of the courts in the UK over infringements taking place abroad," a company statement said.

    "The judgment is an important step in modernising UK law and bringing it into line with the EU.

    "Lucasfilm remains committed to aggressively protecting its intellectual property rights relating to Star Wars in the UK and around the globe through any and all means available to it, including copyright, trademark, design patents and other protections afforded by law."

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

Fundas de Star Wars para tus palos de golf

El golf es, podría decirse, una práctica deportiva de personas adineradas que se dejan una fortuna en palos en los que un profano es incapaz de apreciar una diferencia significativa y visten, en general, de forma muy formal a la hora de jugar.

Pero algo está cambiando, dentro del clasicismo de este deporte (ejem… deporte… el golf… ejem ejem…) también hay lugar para un poco de magia, como bien demuestran las fundas para palos de golf basadas en los personajes de Star Wars. http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/

Así que ya sabes, si quieres impresionar a las damas con tu equipamiento de golf no dudes en emplear estas graciosísimas fundas (¿habéis visto la de Chewbacca? No me digáis que no dan ganas de comprarse una aunque no se sepa ni qué es el golf…). Y que la Fuerza esté contigo. Y con tu swing.

lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

Star Wars: My Interview with Jeremy "Boba Fett" Bulloch


Yesterday I had to thank me lucky charms as I was oh so privileged to interview Jeremy Bulloch, AKA BOBA FETT!!! OMG I was so excited and nervous, who’d think that a small town girl like me one day would be interviewing one of the darkest villians in the galaxy for MTV Geek!!

Jeremy has had quite a career, he started acting on stage at the age of 5 and by 12 years old was doing his first professional acting gig -- a cereal commercial in England, his motherland. He’s also acted in several James Bond films and the original Doctor Who series. He landed the gig as Boba Fett when his half brother, Robert Watts, one of the Star Wars producers, suggested him for the part.

LW: How does it feel being one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe?

JB: It’s very nice when people come up to you and say you’re iconic. To begin with I didn’t know what they were talking about. Then people bow in front of you at these events, but luckily having been around a long time, you take it in stride. It was just a part I played and it became very popular which is very fortunate. Every now and then there were a couple of theatre jobs that came up and I did them, and you came out and they were a huge success and then something else can be pretty bad. But this has just grown over the years and more and more people contact you. So every day I’m reminded that I’m either iconic which I think means old (hearty laugh!!) or you know, it’s something that you’ve done that people appreciate.

LW: What was it like working with the great Irvin Kershner?

JB: Oh he was fantastic. What I loved about Irvin Kershner was that he’d say “Now Jeremy I‘ll just walk through this with you, Okay, now what you’re going to do here” and so he was telling me exactly what I was supposed to do. At the end of the walk he’d turn and he’d go back just like this and he would walk through. And then you’d rehearse and do it, having changed quite a bit, because you have to put your own stuff in as well. And he would turn around and say “Marvelous, we can now go for a take.” And of course some of it, you put in yourself.

At at certain age you get to a point where you can say “Can we shoot that scene again?” and they’ll say “No what we’ve got is fine” and you say, “Well it just doesn’t feel right.” I could only do that once I got past 30 years old. Because I think as an 18-year-old if you do that they’re thinking “What’s this young upstart talking about?” But he was lovely, Irvin, he had such fun with it, and he’d give you the direction and go through it time and time again. But you know his shots always worked perfectly.

LW: What was a memorable moment working on the set of ESB for you? Got any funny stories?

JB: I think in the carbon freezing chamber scene where Han Solo was going down into the pit and all the steam and the flames and everything. Getting in position I was walking behind Darth Vader (David Prowse) and I remember as we got to the bottom of the steps I trodded on his cloak and he jerked backwards and I jerked forwards (he says laughing.) I was top heavy in the outfit because that jet pack was quite heavy and you couldn’t really get up on your own. So here we are, the most dangerous 2 people on the planet, falling about like idiots on the floor. Luckily we hadn’t rehearsed it properly so it looks as though “Oh it’s alright, they’re just testing it out.” But I needed help to get up because I couldn’t get up on my own; there was all that paraphernalia. It was very heavy, and all your hands and elbows and knees were grazed but you knew what it was going to be like so you just had to put up with it.

LW: How long did it take you to get into your costume?

JB: About half an hour and I had help. As the filming went on towards the end, it was taking 10 minutes. I thought you were going to suddenly say “Did you have makeup?" and I’d say “Well yes I did, I did have make up.” People still believe, you know it must be terribly heavy all that, and I’d say “Well the make up took longer than putting the costume on” and they’d say “Oooh I see.” They still believed it!

LW: With Blu-ray coming out next month what are you excited about?

JB: Well I’m very excited to see it because to be quite honest I don’t have a satellite HD television-- but I will be getting one, I can’t wait to see it because people say it’s just going to be fantastic. I really can’t wait. What does Boba Fett look like in Blu-ray???

LW: Will he need more makeup?

JB: Ha, Oh God yes. Well my grandchildren know more about the films and Blu-ray because they’re much brighter than me. Honestly I can’t wait.

LW: Have you seen a preview of the 40 hours of special features? Any deleted scenes?

JB: I have seen none at all, nothing. Oh you know what but if it’s deleted scenes they might have the one where we fall crumpled up on the floor.

LW: I see on your blog, which I love by the way, that you attend lots of Star Wars events? How many a year do you do, and what are some of your favorites?

JB: Oh my favorite is possibly going to Disney because you’re like a child anyway and I’ve been very lucky -- I’ve been invited a great deal. That’s fantastic to see those people in that heat just following you around to talk to you and chat. If I’m tired then I think the audience is even more tired because they get there at 5 in the morning to meet everybody and there’s a wonderful Star Wars theme going throughout the day. Although very hot, it is a fun weekend.

LW: I have to ask you, do you have a Boba Fett costume at home?

JB: Well funny enough I do! I was presented by The Dented Helmet, who make costumes, who out of the blue said “We think you should have your own costume Mr. Bulloch,” and they presented me with this costume. I’ve worn it twice here in England for charity. I was going around with a bucket collecting money saying “Put the money in the bucket” (Deep Boba Fett voice). People were genuinely frightened and I thought “Well I can’t do this, they’ll think I’m real.” But that was nice because maybe once or twice a year I’ve worn it purely to be Boba Fett again and get more people to give money for charity and it’s well worth it.

LW: I know you also have 10 grandchildren, is that right?

JB: Yes I have 10 grandchildren, I always wanted a girl and I have 3 boys, but now I have 8 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. And funny enough there’s a few that prefer The Clone Wars to the real films. They love it; I think they love it, “Oh granddaddy is Boba Fett” they’ll say. But they keep it quiet at school, they just don’t mention a thing at all because they might get into a stink, “your granddad’s not Boba Fett” and one of them would say “You wait, I’ll bring him out tomorrow.”

LW: Do you ever try your costume on for the grandchildren?

JB: They’ve seen me in it recently when I went to an event and I put it on there at the Space Center. The first time they saw me walk into the room they said “Oh granddaddy looks silly.”

LW: So they’re not scared of you?

JB: They’re scared of me if I slightly raise my voice which is quite rare for me. If I say “Bed” they know to go up to bed because it’s far too late. But that’s the only time I raise my voice because they are very good.

LW: Where can your fans expect to see you next?

JB: Well I’m going to Los Angeles at the end of September, and before that I’m going to Montreal, a city I love very much. So we’ll be going there, my wife and I, and I have friends in LA so we’re going to stay for a few days and there is an event there as well.

LW: Does Boba Fett speak French?

JB: Of course, Laurel!! I cannot believe you asked that question! He speaks fluent French!

And there you have it, fans! HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?? The dare I say “iconic” Jeremy Bulloch - perfectly charming, funny, and so international! Who knew???

Here's the Star Wars Blu-ray trailer just to tease you once again:

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011

Vestido de Estrella de la Muerte (Star Wars) dress death star fro woman


vestido estrella

Tengo unas cuantas amigas que les gusta vestirse como personajes de anime y esas cosas, yo nunca le he entrado a eso, pero supongo que debe ser gracioso y genial ponerse esos atuendos, otras prefieren vestirse de comics y cosas por el estilo.

Por eso ahora les presento a una joven en el San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Ella, como verán, tiene el vestido de Estrella de la Muerte, de Star Wars, mientras sonríe para la cámara junto al R2-D2. ¿Qué puedo decirles del diseño? Es bastante lindo, me gustaría ponérmelo, parece que te forma bien el cuerpo y se vería sexy.

Ahora quiero adquirir el vestido, aunque no tengo idea de dónde podría encontrarlo ni cuál es el costo, pero al menos podemos ver el vestido y mandarnos a hacer uno en un próximo Comic Con, se vería genial, apuesto que le queda bien a muchas chicas, tal vez un chico se lo compre a su novia.

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2011

388 LEGO figures and over 30,000 total pieces, designer Jay Hoff recreated the memorable arrival of the emperor scene from Star Wars


Using over 388 LEGO figures and over 30,000 total pieces, designer Jay Hoff recreated the memorable arrival of the emperor scene from Star Wars for Science Discovery Day at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa. Everything picture above is made from LEGO, except for the starfield, which is hand-painted poster board. One may notice Hoff used some Clone Troopers instead of Storm Troopers, which he states was due to Storm Trooper Battle Pack kits being a bit too expensive.

You can check out more pictures of the diorama over at Hoff’s MOCpage.

viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for PSP

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Review

The LEGO franchise has always been a fun and entertaining series with plenty of laughs to be had. It's no different with LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for PSP. Featuring Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Cody and the rest of the cast from the The Clone Wars, LEGO Star Wars III is a loose reenaction of TV animated series with a few creative liberties taken just for laughs. http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/

Staying true to LEGO tradition, there isn't any real dialogue in the entire game. All it takes is just body language and some grunts to convey what's going on. Of course, it's a lot clearer if you've already seen the TV series. After all, that's part of the LEGO experience which plays on parodies of an established franchise. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars follows the timeline of, well, you guessed it, the Clone Wars! Anakin, his Padawan learner Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan Kenobi are your lead characters. You'll often be joined by clone troopers as well. On that note, Rex and Cody make the occasional appearance. It's pretty much the same as the series so I won't bore you with it. Long story short, the story isn't what's important here as events are played out in-between missions with cut-scenes filled with slapstick humour that will even make The Three Stooges smile.

So let's get right onto the gameplay. Let's be honest, LEGO isn't a franchise where one might expect to find the most innovative mechanics, but what is there is solid platforming and puzzle-solving. Like any other LEGO game, it's up to you to get from one point to another while taking out Battle Droids, crooked mercenaries and whatnot, all the while collecting LEGO blocks and putting things together in order to create contraptions that will aid you in your quest to reach the end of a level. It's as the saying goes, if you've played one LEGO game, you've played them all. If you have high expectations for what LEGO can offer in terms of gameplay, you'll be left sour and disappointed. If you know what you're getting into, then get ready to have some fun.

The story campaign will throw you into the shoes of the respective characters associated with each episode. Most of the time you'll be playing as Anakin, Ahsoka or Obi-Wan. However, they're usually accompanied by two clone troopers as well. On the odd occasion, you can even play as Jar Jar Binks - and have him jump off a cliff until you're content. But I digress, you can swap between any available character on the fly and each one has a specific role. Jedi and Sith can use the Force to do some heavy lifting while clone troopers can use a grappling hook and set explosives. They each have their purpose and they do well to help in solving puzzles, most of which are insultingly easy, but considering the audience and the fact that it's LEGO, we'll cut the game some slack.

The overall gameplay remains largely the same throughout the game: you'll need to construct objects and mechanisms out of LEGO in order to move forward. However, there's just about as much destruction involved. As a Jedi, you can swing your lightsaber till your heart's content and take out just about every enemy that stands in your way. On occasion, you'll be forced to swap to another character in order to progress further. The little guys between bosses are really just fodder for you to destroy. Boss fights range from duels with Sith to battles with giant droids. Strangely enough, the fun is in collecting all the LEGO bits and solving puzzles - or perhaps I'm just a bit OCD. Regardless, there's at least some semblance of variety, including moments where you'll be piloting starfighters and engaging in memorable Star Wars dogfights. Overall though, it still feels like an incredibly repetitive game.

In addition to the story campaign, there are also free missions that you can tackle with characters of your choice. As you progress further in the story, you'll unlock even more Star Wars characters whom you can use in said free missions. Some areas within levels can only be accessed with this mode as you'll need specific characters like Yoda who can squeeze through tiny shafts while R2-D2 can open up locked doorways.

LEGO is still as charming as ever with its colourful visuals and nostalgic atmosphere, for both Star Wars fans and LEGO enthusiasts alike. However, there is one weird problem with the visuals and that is depth perception. For a game where depth is key in navigating around platforms, there really is none in this game. It's quite the challenge just to see if you're within the right plane or if you're actually jumping onto a platform and not down into an abyss towards your demise.

Another major drawback is the sound design. It's just dreadful. Sound effects sound about right for a Star Wars game, but the problem lies with the music. It's ironic, considering Star Wars is well known for its amazing musical score - I still hold fast that The Empire Strikes Back had the most amazing score out of the two trilogies. Then again, that was when John Williams was composer. Unfortunately, The Clone Wars sounds like someone blaring on a vuvuzela at the World Cup. There isn't a lot of variation to the music and for the most part it's just the same tune in loop. A very annoying one.

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Звёздные войны - Войны клонов Star Wars - The Clone Wars сезон третий

Звёздные войны - Войны клонов Star Wars - The Clone Wars сезон третий


miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

star Wars is finally coming to the Xbox Kinect


. Will it live up to gamers’ lofty expectations?

Ever since Microsoft unveiled the Kinect, I’ve heard gamers ask about the possibility of a Star Wars game. The thought of wielding a lightsaber or dueling a Sith lord has been something that has captured the imaginations of many gamers. Microsoft officially unveiled the game at its E3 press conference in Los Angeles this week. http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/

I had a chance to try out the Star Wars game in one of the “Kinect Pods” at Microsoft’s booth on the E3 show floor. Here are my first impressions (and several photos) of the game:

  • The graphics are solid, though they aren’t as immersive as Call of Duty or Gears of War. You won’t complain about them, but you won’t celebrate them either.
  • The mechanics for using your lightsaber, using the Force, and moving are reasonably intuitive. I had to get used to using the lightsaber with my right hand (I’m a lefty), but Microsoft promises you’ll be able to switch hands in the full version of the game.
  • The controls are clunky. Using the Force is decent, but you can definitely miss commands because the Kinect didn’t recognize the move. Hopefully LucasArts and Microsoft will improve the controls for the game’s launch.
  • Swinging the lightsaber isn’t a killer experience yet. The lightsaber can only turn so far — there won’t be any 360-degree sword-swinging motion. It’s mostly slash and hack.
  • It’s a mainly linear style of gameplay. Kinect controls aren’t ideal for exploration games (Disneyland Kinect is an important exception). In Kinect Star Wars, you’re moving forward through the storyline, jumping ledges and slashing bad guys. Hopefully the full game will be less linear and more exploratory.
  • The demo ends with two Sith lords activating their lightsabers and challenging you to battle. It was a nice teaser for the lightsaber-on-lightsaber battles that will surely make or break this game.
  • Overall the game feels like it has solid potential, if they can tighten up the controls. It’s still early though; the game won’t be released until Q4, 2011.

martes, 9 de agosto de 2011

planeta Tatooine no está tan lejos como todos esos fans de la saga pensaban, de hecho, con tan solo volar al sur de Tunez


El planeta Tatooine

Si eres todo un fan de Star Wars, no te puedes perder la aldea en la que se rodó el emplazamiento del poblado Tatooine.

El cine de ciencia ficción o nos muestra emplazamientos maravillosos o los crea para dar lugar a las mejores historias. En el caso de la saga de La Guerra de de las Galaxias, sus productores decidieron crear el escenario de uno de sus planetas al aire libre y aún sigue en pie.

El planeta Tatooine no está tan lejos como todos esos fans de la saga pensaban, de hecho, con tan solo volar al sur de Tunez podrían haberlo encontrado, según Urbansavior.com. Situado en pleno desierto y con aspecto de ciudad fantasma, el poblado formado para el rodaje sigue en pie. http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/

Artilugios metálicos, edificios con cúpulas de piedra, grandes arcos entre calle y calle... el poblado se encuentra en perfecto estado a la espera de que los más fanáticos de las películas acudan a visitarla.

En el caso de que decidas ir, deberías saber que podrás vivir una experiencia muy cercana a lo que era Star Wars ya que incluso podrás alojarte en uno de la casa de Luke Skywalker, ahora reconvertido en hotel.

lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

“descubren” el ‘Millenium Falcon’ de Star Wars en el fondo del mar


Si pensabas que ‘Millenium Falcon’, la nave espacial más rápida de la galaxia en Star Wars, estaba sólo en la mente de George Lucas y los fanáticos de la saga… ¡Pon atención! ya que un grupo de cazadores de tesoros provenientes de Suecia descubrió un extraño objeto en el fondo del mar, según muchos, parecido al llamado ‘Halcón Milenario’.

Como informó el portal Hyper Vocal estos investigadores, liderados por Peter Lindberg, participaban de una expedición de la compañía Ocean Explorer en el Mar Báltico al momento del hallazgo, revisando los barcos mercantes de Suecia que fueron hundidos por los alemanes durante la Primera Guerra Mundial.

Durante dicha expedición, pese a toparse con numerosas botellas y elementos sin mayor importancia, hallaron algo increíble a través de imágenes de sonar: un inusual objeto en el fondo del mar entre Finlandia y Suecia que, según medios como Metro.com, se parecía a la citada nave de La Guerra de Las Galaxias.

En palabras de Lindberg, este objeto era “un círculo largo, de cerca de 60 pies de diámetro. Uno ve varias cosas extrañas en este trabajo, pero durante mis 18 años como profesional nunca había visto algo así. La forma es completamente redonda.”

Finalmente, el investigador indicó que pese a la expectación que generaron las imágenes en distintos medios de comunicación “Desafortunadamente, no tenemos el dinero para investigar más allá.”

La imagen del objeto desconocido en el fondo del mar

La imagen del objeto desconocido en el fondo del mar

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Star Wars voices guide you to your destination

Just minutes ago, on a nav screen nearby, a runty little guy who talks in inverse construction, and a big dude with a voice like the "This Is CNN" guy became the voices of your turn-by-turn directions. Thanks to Garmin. http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/

For $12.99 each for a voice-and-graphics bundle, you can add the voices of the Jedi master and the Sith Lord — yes, Yoda and Darth Vader if these individuals bypassed your cranial pop-cultural receiver device — to your Garmin nav system. The packs are compatible with most Garmin systems.

sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

GPS icon voz de Darth Vader y navegación con el Tie Fighter

tomtom darth vaderSi querías darle un toque “estelar” a tu sistema de navegación GPS para tu auto, ahora es cuándo. Garmin acaba de lanzar un paquete de Star Wars para sus dispositivos de navegación GPS que incluye nada menos que la voz de Darth Vader para que te diga paso a paso a dónde tienes que voltear para llegar a tu destino y así alejarte de “la Fuerza”. Además se incluye un ícono de la conocida nave Tie Fighter para reemplazar el ícono del carro que se mueve a través del mapa del equipo GPS.

Aquí un vídeo de demostración: http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/

El paquete está solamente 13 dólares y puedes instalarlo en los últimos equipos GPS de Garmin. Más información en este enlace.

viernes, 5 de agosto de 2011

Darth Vader recording for TomTom GPS - behind the scenes

Star Wars Pink Poster Handbag


star wars pink poster bag Star Wars Pink Poster Handbag

Yeah yeah. Printed photo purses are pretty silly, and the Star Wars Pink Poster Handbag is in no way, shape, or form an exception. But sometimes even fashionistas have to get their fangirl on, and what better way to sport it than with your purse? I am, however, a little apprehensive about the part of the description that says “covered in glitter”; that’s a whole lot of look on top of another whole lot of look. But the geek in me still loves this bag. Not yet convinced? I’ll bet you could finally get your boyfriend to react to your newest handbag if you brought this one home. It’s just $40 at Hot Buckles.

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Corporate Logos Get Star Wars-Themed

The latest addition to the plethora of ‘Star Wars’ fan art includes a handful of cool alterations to famous corporate logos – using Jedi and Dark Side themes. http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/

Star Wars Corporate Fan Art

There is an unbridled amount of Star Wars fan art on the Internet. However, the latest discovery comes in the form of popular corporate logos taken over by the space opera motif. The best part about it? You can buy these for your wall.

Barn Bocock has created 12 crisp new additions to corporate America by merging the Rebel Alliance or the Dark Side with famous logos that we see every day.

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You can own any of the pieces for just $15, but the prices vary depending on the size of the print you want. Usually these types of fan artwork run closer to $100 – so it’s a great offer for some unique art.

Frankly, the Jedi and Master Yoda credit cards need to exist in real life. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jedi-themed Nike logos become a reality in the near future – during some special cross-promotion offer for kids shoes – maybe around the time of the saga’s 3D theatrical rerelease or arrival on Blu-ray.

Check out a few of our favorites below, then head over to Society 6 for the rest:

Jedi Star Wars fan art

Jedi MasterYoda Star Wars fan art

Jabba The Hut Star Wars fan art

In addition to buying a print, the designs are available as iPhone covers, computer covers and stretched canvasses. It’s a great deal for some one-of-a-kind art.

The website these images are hosted on includes some other awesome fan artwork for purchase, so check it out the other artists and share your favorites in the comment section below.

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace rereleases on the big screen, this time in 3D, on February 10th 2012.

The Star Wars: Complete Saga Blu-rays will arrive on September 12 internationally and on September 16 in North America.