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Star Wars – The Old Republic Frank Gibeau of EA

Some may think that Electronic Arts is taking some risk by shipping more copies of Star Wars – The Old Republic during its launch date. The primary plan, really, is to ensure that every gamer will get a copy when he or she wants a copy on the very day of the game’s release. This is considering that EA has already offered an early access incentive for those who have pre-ordered the game. So, people may think that the planned rollout is “ambitious”. http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/ EA is releasing Star Wars – The Old Republic a few days before Christmas. At that point, players may have already bought other games for their holiday reward or they may have pre-ordered SWTOR.  Of course, there are still players that will be out there during the launch itself. Frank Gibeau of EA said that the number of copies that will be shipped will depend on the demand and several other just as important factors.
Screenshot of Star Wars - The Old Republic (Credit: LucasArts
Screenshot of Star Wars - The Old Republic (Credit: LucasArts
One of the factors is the beta test. Gamers get a feel for Star Wars – The Old Republic’s classes and storylines and there are quite a number of them. Gibeau said that there will be new stuff coming out to keep the game appealing. He said that, “It’s a very interesting proposition from that standpoint because you have the Star Wars brand that draws in a lot of people. That is a good thing because we think we can sustain the business over a very long time as we grow. There’s going to continually be new customer segments that we can open up and bring into the service.”
So I guess we can expect that EA will still ship enough copies to satisfy gamers who want to buy the game during the launch day itself despite the fact that pre-orders were highly encouraged before. The game will be out for PC on December 20th.

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