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Las 10 armas más usadas en Star Wars

Star Wars had many cool factors to it and one of them was its massive array or unique weapons. While the lightsaber might be the most popular and iconic, the galaxy actually had a ton more weapons that didn’t get much attention. We’ve found some of the coolest weapons in the Star Wars series that you might have looked over while watching the movies.

10. Fusioncutter

The handheld cutting torch known as the Fushioncutter was also used through the galaxy and consisted of a handgrip and a long emitter, producing a high-energy plasma beam that could slice through practically anything, making it very dangerous!

9. Wrist Rockets

Since they’re light wristbands with a powerful punch, Wrist Rockets are a favorite weapon choice for bounty hunters like Boba Fett.

8. Flamethower (aka “Flame Projector”)

As a weapon that projects a burning stream of liquid or gas when fired, the flamethrower was a weapon commonly used during the Clone Wars, given how useful they were in close-quarters combat.

7. Missile Launchers

These Missile Launchers were used in various types of combat and by many types of military forces. These would totally eradicate large numbers infantrymen.

6. Ryyk Blades

Another Wookiee-based weapon, the Ryyk Blades may look like simple swords, but they could still do some serious damage by a giant Wookiee.

5. Flechette Launcher

The Flechette Launcher was used during the last half of the Clone Wars and fires canisters containing hundreds of sharp flechettes (darts that would spread out over a large areas). A single canister of these anti-personal weapons could take out an entire squad of soldiers!

4. Force Pike (aka “Stun Pole”)

A Force Pike was a commonly used weapon used throughout the galaxy. It features a tip that was a “vibro-edged stun module” that could really knock you out…even a full-grown Wookiee. It looks whatever, but it definitely packs some serious stun power!

3. Bowcaster (aka the “Wookiee Crossbow”)

Seems that the Wookiees had some pretty badass weapons in the form of Bowcasters, which packed some serious firepower! The weapon could unleash a bolt with some pretty amazing stopping power, which was essential for the Wookiees as the protected themselves against other predators of the Kashyyyk’s forests.

2. Blaster

In the vast world of Star Wars, a Blaster was our equivalent to a gun, but instead of shooting bullets, it fired bursts of particle beam energy, aka blaster bolts. It featured a replaceable power pack and was the most commonly used weapon in the galaxy, so everybody was packing one. Since it contained high-energy particles and intense light, targets would be paralyzed or even killed by such a gun. And like guns today, they came in various sizes shapes and forms, from rifles to starship-mounted cannons.

1. Lightsaber

In Star Wars, Lightsabers are the ultimate weapons. As the formal weapon of a Jedi Knight, not everybody can master one, but when a Jedi finally learns the secret of the Force and learns to work his/her lightsaber, all hell can break lose! The very image of such a weapon was bounded with the mythos of the Jedi Order, so you definitely don’t want to mess with anyone who has one of these.

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