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"Family Guy" closes out its take on the "Star Wars" trilogy December 21th

family-guy-its-a-trap-320.jpg"Family Guy" closes out its take on the "Star Wars" trilogy (original-recipe version) in December, and the trailer for "It's a Trap!" promises everything you've come to expect from the previous "Star Wars" specials.

Which is to say, it's largely faithful to its source material while at the same time poking tons of fun at the "Star Wars" franchise.

"It's a Trap!" is the Griffin family's retelling of "Return of the Jedi," and you'll see Peter (as Han Solo) being unfrozen from his carbonite prison in the most juvenile way possible, Chris (Luke Skywalker) and Lois (Princess Leia) taking out stormtroopers on Endor (on bicycles, but still), and Meg as the Sarlaac.

The final installment, and the entire "Family Guy"/"Star Wars" trilogy, will be released on DVD on Dec. 21. There's no word yet on an airdate for "It's a Trap!" on FOX.

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