jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

Star Wars Wall Clock of 1977

http://laguerradelasgalaxias-starwars.blogspot.com/ Star Wars スターウォーズ 星際大戰 Guerre des étoiles star wars posters from

Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars IV: A New Hope, but for me, the best Star Wars movie will always be The Empire Strikes Back. Still, I like my vintage Star Wars posters and clocks as much as the next guy. For instance, check out this Episode IV wall clock.

star wars a new hope clock wall wood

It’s based on the iconic poster of the movie, which is a nice thing to have around pretty much anywhere. To top it off, the clock is made out of wood not plastic. Sure, if you significant other isn’t a Star Wars fan, it might be relegated to your home office and not the dining room, but what the hell. It’s still nice to have around.

The clock measures 13.5″ in diameter and you can pre-order it from Entertainment Earth right now for $14.99 (USD). It’s expected to ship sometime this month.

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