jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

tar Wars USB Hand Warmers are to your rescue usb

Is the chilling winter cold biting into your hands? Are you finding it difficult to wield you Light Saber? Is your hope of survival growing cold?, Well fear no more for the cool new Star Wars USB Hand Warmers are to your rescue!

Star wars USB Hand warmers1

With the dawn of winter and the festive season, things tend to turn quite exciting and fun, everyone eagerly awaits the first snow, the chance to make their first Snowman and have a fun filled snow fight! But when all of this has ended and you end up feeling happy as well, you suddenly realize the excruciating pain and numbness in your fingers and hands.

The right thing to do in such a situation is to rush to you fireplace and warm your hands over the gentle flames; and if your house doesn’t have a fireplace then you should probably get yourself one of these- The Star Wars USB powered Hand Warmers. Somewhat resembling an iPod, these hand warmers are available in two themes- the Evil: Darth Vader & the Good: R2D2.

Star wars USB Hand warmers2

Cased in brushed aluminum, all you need to do is to simply hook it up to a USB port and let it charge; on a 2hr charge the hand warmer will provide you with a warm and cozy temperature of about 40°C for about 4hrs. You could also check out the other cool USB powered gadgets like the Tron USB Drives or the Portable USB power Supply.


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